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About us:

We are A curated online marketplace for handmade artists, makers, and designers (Vendors). 

Our goal is to bring these Vendors to the public. We saw a gap of customers trying to find high-quality local vendors, but not knowing where to find them.

People are wanting to shop local more than ever before, but they don’t know where to go to find all these unique vendors. There hasn’t been a single place for customers to come to figure out how to shop local, so here we are.

There are two ways that our site will stand out.

  1. We will be curated/high-end. There will be an application that vendors will fill out which will then be viewed by our curator/merchandiser to see if everything aligns with what we are looking for. 
  2. We wanted people to have the ability to shop local. There will be city pages on the website with the biggest cities in each state (Currently NC only) and which vendors live in/near those cities. This will allow people to see all the high-end vendors in and near their city. There will also be the option to search within a specific radius of the location that you enter to see which vendors are in that radius. These two features will really give the customer that shop local experience.
Check out our Vendor Guidelines here before applying. 


Currently, we have a two-step method to our application process. You can fill out the initial application at https://themakrssociety.com/my-account/. 

We will then send you a detailed 2nd application via email. If you don’t receive this within 3 days, make sure to check your spam mail. If it’s not there, send us an email at info@themakrssociety.com and we will send you the 2nd app!

Once you fill out your 2nd application, our curator will review the app and get back to you within 3 days on your status.


Create your shop:

Open Shop:

Once you have been accepted to The MAKRS Society you can start building your store by going to https://themakrssociety.com/my-account/. Click on the “Go to Dashboard” button to start adding products.

Finish setting up shop:

From your Dashboard go to your settings to add your store name, profile and background pictures, social links, payment options and shipping details.

Note: You must have a stripe account set up in order to withdraw money from your account. Please set up a stripe account at Stripe.com and link your account under your “payment” options on your dashboard. 

Go to the products tab in your dashboard to start adding new products. The more information you put in, the easier it will be for people to find you and your products. Make sure to add variations to your products (size, color, shape, etc.) If there is a variation that’s not available, please contact us and we will add it so you can add that variation to your product. 


Adding a product with variations (SIZES, COLORS, MATERIALS, ETC.):

  1. Select variable product under product type 
  2. Add your attribute (size, color, etc.)
  3. Add Values (medium, small, blue, etc.) & check the used for variations box. Hit save attribute.
  4. Now click the add variation drop down & select create variations from all attributes
  5. Hit the down arrow on each variation & set a price. You can also set a quantity and image for each variation product from here.

You must set a price for each individual variation product or it will show up as “out of stock” on the product page.


What can I sell on The MAKRS Society?

Handmade products (you must have some involvement within the process of the handmade goods-maker, designer, etc.)

Designer: Not Handmade. You must design your own products and have full involvement in the process.


NO listing fees

NO startup fees

NO monthly fees

The MAKRS Society takes 15% of sales (Once locked in we will never raise this percentage on you.)


How do you get paid?

Withdrawing funds:

There are two options to withdraw funds from your account (Stripe or your bank account). You need to have one of the two setup in order to receive payments, however you do not need both. 

Stripe (Recommended): This is the easiest option because you will automatically get your payment at the time of  the sale.

To set up: Go to Stripe.com to set up your account. Once finished setting up your account go to your vendor dashboard, settings, payment, and then scroll down to the bottom and click “connect with Stripe.”

Your Bank: You can can also set up your bank information to the site and although our site is very safe there is always the risk of someone hacking onto any site. 

sales tax:

The MAKRS Society will collect and remit sales tax on your behalf, so you do not have to worry about it!



You can set individual shipping for each product you have in your store. If the shipping option is left blank your customer will be able to avoid shipping fees so it’s important to select your shipping of choice when adding a new product.

Make sure to set up your shipping options on each product or it will default to no shipping. 

There are 3 shipping options: 

Free shipping

Flat Rate: You choose the rate you want

USPS: This will automatically calculate shipping for you


Marketing: (How do we market you):

When you are all set up on our site you will be added to one of our city pages based on where you live. This allows shoppers to see all the vendors that live in/near their city!  

We will be running ads for the site as a whole in order to bring in more traffic. 

We are curating our website so there won’t be an oversaturation of similar products in each city.

A combination of these 3 strategies will result in more traffic for each vendor on our site!

Contacting the makrs society:

You can contact us multiple ways:

Email: info@themakrssociety.com

Contact Page